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Project: JDS Pools

JDS Pools has been part of the GT Invest business portfolio since April 2021. JDS Pools installs around 150 swimming pools per year, making it one of the largest players in Flanders. Through the partnership with GT Invest, the family business aims to grow further, both independently and through acquisitions, with the aim of becoming the undisputed market leader in Belgium.

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Project: Group Caus

GT Invest jumped on board with Group Caus, which operates as a logistics service provider in the port of Zeebrugge within an attractive and growing market. Under the name Caus Marine Surveys, the company also provides maritime surveillance activities in various Western European ports. The company's mission is to remain the most professional service provider for its customers, with even more focus on safety, sustainability and flexibility. Thanks to the financial resources, strategic efforts, and operational skills of the GT Invest team, the company is being prepared more for the future today.

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