GT Invest:
a unique approach.

GT Invest invests & actively participates with entrepreneurs in successful local businesses. Projects are supported with financial resources to help them grow more and with financial, strategic and operational management by the GT Invest team. This win-win approach allows entrepreneurs to safeguard a large part of the company's accumulated assets today, while continuing to do business and creating value for the future.

Creating value as an entrepreneur today

As an entrepreneur, your company often represents a large part of your assets. GT Invest's approach allows you to secure a substantial part of the company's value today.

Continuing to do business with GT Invest

What if, as an entrepreneur, you can focus once again on what you like to do? GT Invest assists you financially, strategically and operationally with a team of passionate specialists in their field, allowing you to focus on your competencies and interests on a daily basis.

GT Invest strengthens your business

GT Invest allows your company to grow, both organically and through a buy & build strategy. The GT Invest team has the financial resources, knowledge and experience to take the next step together.

Together with GT Invest, create value for the future

By combining knowledge, experience and networks, you, as an entrepreneur, will achieve substantial capital growth in the future. This value creation is the win-win that you and GT Invest are striving for together.

GT Invest doesn't just think about your company's future strategy, it also thinks about how to achieve it.

meet our team

Project: Group Caus

GT Invest jumped on board with Group Caus, a service provider in the maritime sector, and, together with its founder Johan Caus, is guiding the company into the future. The GT Invest team works on the strategy of renewal and acquisitions, and takes care of the day-to-day management.

Our projects