Welcome to GT Invest, Bastiaan


Bastiaan has more than four years of experience in sales, production and numbers. He takes on the role of COO, both on our projects and within GT Invest.

At GT Invest, I can help shape various companies, along with a top team.

Why did you choose GT Invest?

Because the story appeals to me a lot. Today, as a company, you need a management team with a wide variety expertise and experiences, and that's what GT Invest offers. I grew up in our family's natural stone business, and I've always found the combination of production and management very interesting. At GT Invest, I can help shape various companies, along with a top team.

Name 3 of your top skills. What are you good at?

Social: I make easy contact with other people
Team player: working together towards a result, discussing, sharing knowledge, that's a great feeling
Drawing up a strategy: where is improvement possible? How do we create growth? What is the added value compared to competitors? I'm good at maintaining an overview, and that's an asset when you're developing strategy within companies.

What was your first job ever?

After an internship I once started working for the sales department of Arendsoog, a video production company in the broadest form (news and TV productions, social media, global marketing and sports broadcasts).

What else do you do besides working too hard for GT Invest?

Sports. Until recently, I played football intensively, and I also studied sports for a few years. Although we work hard, we also play hard and socialise. And the best part is the combination of the two previous ones: going outdoors, with a few good friends, to work out.